Watering Frequencies

There is no exact rule for watering, but here is a good rule of thumb...


Below frequencies are based on a day with high temperature and no rain

85 degrees and above: every 4-5 days

75 to 85 degrees: every 5-7 days

65 to 75 degrees: every 7-10 days

50 to 65 degrees: every 10-14 days

Below 50 degrees: every 2-3 weeks

*Double the frequencies for container plant outside in sun.

The above frequencies are for average Jackson conditions, and may vary with your soil or beds. Bone dry conditions or constantly soggy conditions will kill plants. Adjust the above schedule if necessary to maintain a moist condition if drought is quicker than the above interval, or if ground id still wet (not moist but wet) when above watering time comes about. Checking may be accomplished by sticking a finger into the soil (all the way) and determining. Water toughly when watering. Less than ½” of rain should not count as watering.

Trees which have been recently installed should be watered at least once weekly, possibly more in extreme heat. This should be done by filling the holes to capacity by inserting the water hose between the tree wall and the root ball of the tree. This method insures the proper watering.

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